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02.12.2015 Free space Mountain Village

And again, winter is coming, again, the holidays, and each Christmas well remembers.
For each it is the only day of the year, which especially remains in memory.
It is a time of love, joy, reconciliation, time for family gatherings at a communal table,
Therefore, we encourage you to spend those miraculous moments
in "Mountain Village" in Zakopane.
We really, as every year, you will find a truly festive, homey atmosphere.
 the term etc. Please contact us by phone 888189770


24.09.2013 Holidays in Zakopane

To ski resort on Harędzie is about 1.5 miles- To the lifts at the Nosalem is 5.5 km away.- For just a small Quiet is 3.5 km- To ski lifts on pardałówke is 2 km- For Mc Donalds 1 km- near the deli, pharmacy, historic church and Jan Kasprowicz on Harendzie.- To Aqua Park 3 km- Poronin Galicowa Grapa from our cottages, 1 km from ski lift...

24.09.2013 SYLWESTER ZAKOPANE 2018/2019

Sylwester w Zakopanem – a czemu nie?! Oferty na przeżycie wyjątkowego wieczoru sylwestrowego kuszą swą różnorodnością. Od tradycyjnych kuligów z posadami na polanie przy ognisku. Magia Zakopanego i Krupówek, co roku przyciąga na Sylwester w Zakopanem tysiące miłośników gór. To tutaj spotykają się w...


27.05.2013 Cottages and Villa Adrian on fan page

We encourage all our visitors to click "I like it!";) much conduction thanks to you. Zakopane cheap cottage for rent luxury cottage zakopane invites you
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Domki Góralskie - Komfortowe domki w ZakopanemDomki Góralskie - Komfortowe domki w ZakopanemDomki Góralskie - Komfortowe domki w ZakopanemDomki Góralskie - Komfortowe domki w Zakopanem
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